Compact Vibration Isolation Table for Sensitive Appliances

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Multiaxialer Labortisch.

A platform for active vibration isolation was set up at Fraunhofer LBF that can reduce the transmission of ambient vibrations to sensitive appliances. Functionally integrated, multi-axial bearing units were developed to take over the structural, actuator and sensory tasks. The modular setup of the platform and use of the rapid control prototype (RCP) on the basis of a digital control platform makes flexible adaptation to different isolation tasks and a networking of the bearing unit possible.

The demonstrator is a self-contained, adaptronic system that reduces the transmission of vibrations in three dimensions.The control actuators are integrated into the system’s stiffness. This helps attain a particularly low passive system eigenfrequency that enables isolation in the  high-frequency range. Specially built sensors and sensor electronics are used because of the high requirements. A digitally implemented control algorithm causes active damping of the system resonance. An active vibration isolation of about - 18 dB is achieved by the entire internally coordinated system.