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The Fraunhofer Group MATERIALS integrates the expertise of 16 Fraunhofer Institutes working in the field of materials science.

Fraunhofer materials research covers the entire value chain, from new material development and improvement of existing materials through manufacturing technology on a quasi-industrial scale, to the characterization of properties and assessment of service behavior. The same research scope applies to the components made from these materials and the way they function in systems. In all these fields, experimental studies in laboratories and technical institutes are supplemented by equally important numerical simulation and modelling techniques – across all scales, from individual molecules up to components and process simulation. As far as materials are concerned, the Fraunhofer MATERIALS group covers the full spectrum of metals, inorganic non-metals, polymers and materials made from renewable resources, as well as semiconductor materials.  

The Group's expertise is concentrated specifically in the fields of energy and environment, mobility, health, machine and plant construction, building construction and living, microsystems technology and safety.  Innovative systems are developed using materials and components customized for specific applications, and based on the assessment of the behavior of a material or component under specific conditions of use. Strategic forecasts promote the development of novel, future-oriented materials and technologies.  



Fraunhofer ISE / 19.6.2024

Fraunhofer ISE Goes with Medium Voltage for Resource Efficiency in PV Plants

One promising approach to save raw materials is to move from the low to the medium-voltage level in renewable energy power plants. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE sees a huge potential for savings with higher system voltages, especially in large PV power plants.


Fraunhofer IGB / 13.6.2024

Pathogen identification – next-generation sequencing optimizes diagnostics

Invasive infections such as sepsis require immediate and targeted treatment. Experts from the Fraunhofer IGB and group partners have succeeded in establishing a reconceptualized detection principle that can make a crucial contribution to saving lives through fast, ultra-accurate pathogen identification. They have been chosen to receive the 2024 Stifterverband Science Prize for their efforts.


Fraunhofer IAP / 12.9.2023

Innovative plastic film material made from PLA bioplastic

A team from the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP has now developed a flexible and recyclable plastic film material based on polylactide (PLA) bioplastic and paved the way for its commercialization. Their efforts have earned the researchers the Joseph von Fraunhofer Prize for 2024.


Fraunhofer LBF / 12.6.2024

Standard-compliant flame retardancy for post-consumer recyclates in specific applications

Teams of experts at the Fraunhofer Institute for Structural Durability and System Reliability LBF are working intensively on EU regulations and the need for halogen free flame retardancy in specific applications.


Fraunhofer IMM / 6.6.2024

"Automated, cost-effective production of mRNA vaccines as well as cell and gene therapeutics"

Fraunhofer IMM is contributing to the precise lipid nanoparticle formulation using its knowledge of rapid mixing technology.


Fraunhofer IKTS / 1.6.2024

Pyrolysis for high-quality recycled plastics

Together with chemical company Covestro Deutschland AG, Fraunhofer researchers have now developed a method that makes it possible to reclaim the substances originally used to make the polycarbonates.



Fraunhofer IWS / 22.5.2024

Sustainable Material Design as Response to Resource Bottlenecks

Finding solutions to potential resource bottlenecks requires sustainable material design. New material compositions enable more environmentally friendly ship propulsion systems, more economical aircraft engines or even lighter electric vehicles.


Fraunhofer IFAM / 13.5.2024

Clean Sky 2/Clean Aviation project "MFFD"

Milestones for the clean and sustainable aviation of tomorrow: Clean Sky 2/Clean Aviation project "MFFD" shows potential of around 10 percent weight reduction and 10 percent cost savings in high-rate production.

Tech Transfer Conference Stage I Halle 2

Create innovation, protect the environment. By lightweight construction!

24. April I 2.00 pm - 2.45 pm

  • Fraunhofer Research Field Lightweight Construction: From Concept to Product, CUSTOMISED EXPERTISE FROM 14 INSTITUTES
    Dr. Michael Luke, Fraunhofer IWM
  • Sustainable lightweight design processes for structural automotive parts
    Dr. Tobias Joppich, Fraunhofer ICT
  • Wind turbine towers made of wood - for more sustainability in energy generation
    M. Sc. Malte Mérono, Fraunhofer WKI


The 5th Lightweighting Summit ( of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action (BMWK) will open on April 23, 2024 at 2:00 pm and will be dedicated to the topic of transformation technologies for the resource transition with several top-class keynotes, a diverse panel discussion and a subsequent pitch format of innovative research projects.

at 2:15 pm Keynote I: Resources transition: lightweighting as a factor for competitiveness Professor Dr.-Ing. Holger Hanselka, President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft


Fraunhofer IMM / 20.2.2024

New e-fuels project to make int. shipping climate neutral

Transport and trade on the ocean blue must be made much greener. This is the goal of the new €17 million European GAMMA project, where companies and researchers from Europe will develop and convert a bulk carrier to sail on climate-neutral fuels and green power.


Fraunhofer IWU / 7.12.2023

Thrust for Hybrid Electric Flying

Several Fraunhofer Institutes and the Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus-Senftenberg, under the leadership of Rolls-Royce Germany and other partners such as the research institution ACCESS, are collaborating on the future of hybrid electric flying.


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